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Tuesday August 9th, 2022
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Mind Nose - Matter Re| Generation: Firmenich identifies five trends in perfume creation


Firmenich, specialist in perfumes and aromas, presented its Fine Fragrance trends. The Swiss group, recently recognized as virtuous in terms of sustainable development (with a triple “A” obtained for climate change, water security and forests, for the third consecutive year) by the non-profit organization Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) relies, for its fragrances, on the combination of pleasure and well-being.

“Perfume is a story of culture. It tells of hope, joy, passion and positivity. As a new decade marked by a global pandemic begins, Firmenich's annual Fine Fragrance trends presentation entitled Mind Nose + Matter focuses on the theme of Re | Generation: it provides customers with an answer unique in terms of fragrances combining pleasure and well-being on a daily basis ”, says one within the company.

This prospective is based on the numerous surveys carried out by Firmenich, in particular those of Conscious Consumer, Premium Wellbeing, COVID-19 Social Media Insights and Post-COVID-19 Surveys; it reflects emerging socio-cultural trends through five themes for the creation of new perfumes.

Ilaria Resta, President, Global Perfumery, explains: “We launched Re | Generation to reinvent the future following a new philosophy, bringing the consumer enhanced benefits and intense emotional experiences. Mind Nose + Matter offers our customers a unique roadmap allowing them to increase the originality and attractiveness of their perfumes in this new era of Fine Fragrances. "

The five creative trends identified by Mind Nose + Matter Re | Generation are:

  • Meeting: "The desire to return to our roots, by exploring our connections to nature and to what nourishes us: from this will result the bio-degradable and recyclable perfumes of tomorrow", says Firmenich.
  • Innocence : “The thrill of wonder at the unknown through a new creative path of a Smell-the-Taste ingredient from Firmenich. "
  • Order: “The need to relieve anxiety and regain balance, calm and control. In particular through new anti-bacterial properties and the use of Artificial Intelligence to bring man and machine closer together. "
  • Danger : “Controlled risk-taking for more pleasure and fantasy. "
  • Revelation: “A real renaissance towards a sustainable environment, thanks to upcycling as well as the use of new Firmenich ingredients resulting from biotechnologies. "

Jerry Vittoria, President, Fine Fragrances Worldwide at Firmenich, explains: “Based on our in-depth knowledge of the consumer and trends, Mind Nose + Matter offers a unique co-creation program to our Fine Fragrance customers, demonstrating creativity through the use of new technologies and innovations. We take an in-depth look at the most common and relevant questions facing consumers today and show how Re | Generation can improve their future. "

Guided by these data and inspired by these avenues of creation, the perfumers of Firmenich Fine Fragrance have given free rein to their creativity to formulate visionary fragrances: both triggering emotions and in line with the expectations and feelings of consumers. Mind Nose + Matter Re | Generation combines new technologies, renewable ingredients and strong emotional potential.

Justin Welch, Creative Director of Mind Nose + Matter, ajoute : “Mind Nose + Matter is a perfect illustration of the power of the new 'positive luxury'. It is the culmination of a year of the most in-depth analyzes. It is our deep conviction: our Re | Generation program goes far beyond words, it translates into actions. Together we can change the world. "

This year, Firmenich customers were able to experience the Mind Nose + Matter program through a fully digital experience, via webinars with a tailor-made catalog as well as a fragrance kit created by the Fine Fragrance teams in New York, Dubai, Paris and Sao Paulo.

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