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Saturday December 3rd, 2022
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“Couture” packaging by Pochet for the latest Alexander McQueen fragrance

The headdress of an intense black, the majestic plumage of the collar with extreme delicacy and the bottle with the curves delicately underlined by a patinated gold base: each element of the setting of the new Alexander McQueen perfume, “Couture”, appealed to the alliance of the know-how of the Pochet Group.

Zamak has established itself as the ideal material to enhance the infinite wealth of details of the collar, designed by Qualipac. The plumage blades and the patinated gold appearance are the result of a succession of delicate operations, including the application of enamel with a syringe. The cap, with fine and tactile reliefs, is injected without visible parting line and overcomes the hoop, gold galvanized, which accommodates the signature ring varnished by Solev.
The bottle, a deep black and shiny with soft curves, is made by Pochet du Courval. Its smooth surface is enhanced with a sober serigraphy. The high-level technological equation provided by the Pochet Group is also found in the assemblies. A unique specific expertise taking into account all the dimensional and technical requirements of the materials, to guarantee the most beautiful customer creations.


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