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Friday, March 31, 2023
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First acquisition for the Phytocontrol group

The Phytocontrol group, specialist in water and food safety, announces its first acquisition, a laboratory in Barcelona.

Spain was the first country where the Phytocontrol group set up outside France, in 2012, in Alicante. In 2017, this presence materialized with the creation of the subsidiary Phytocontrol Analytics España. Currently, the group has three agencies in Spain, Alicante, Barcelona and Madrid, the most recent.

Today, the Phytocontrol group acquires SPM Controler, a Barcelona laboratory.

ENAC accredited (the equivalent of French Cofrac) since 2001, the Catalan laboratory covers the fields of food microbiology, water analysis (microbiology, physico-chemistry and legionella) and air microbiology. SPM Controler achieves a turnover of 697 k € (2018) and employs 12 people.

First external growth operation

This purchase is also the first external growth operation of the Phytocontrol group and corresponds to the desire to establish local laboratories in the major regions of France and internationally in order to serve its customers as closely as possible and ensure the delivery rapid storage and on-site treatment of certain fragile samples (fresh products, water, etc.).

A first proximity laboratory Phytocontrol Proxilab Bretagne was created and inaugurated in Rennes, in 2018.

“We are delighted with this first acquisition which shows the strong attachment of Phytocontrol to Spain and consolidates our position in this country where we have been established for 7 years; this laboratory foreshadows a second Proxilab on the model of our Breton establishment, in order to provide a local and optimized analytical service to our Spanish customers ”, comments Mikaël Bresson, President of Phytocontrol Group.

Founded in 2006 in Nîmes, the Phytocontrol group has 17 agencies (in Europe and Morocco) and four departments: AgriFood (food analysis), Hydrology (water safety), Biopharma (good laboratory practice studies) and a training center . The central laboratory, which covers 4000 m2 and hosts a state-of-the-art ISO 14001 technical platform, is accredited for all the analysis programs developed, GLP certified and approved by the Ministries of Health and the Environment. The company employs 350 people and achieves a turnover of 20 M € supported by annual growth of over 25%.

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