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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Skinobs accelerates search for clinical trial partners

Skinobs has developed a new feature on its platform dedicated to clinical tests for the cosmetics industry. The 2,600 cosmeticians around the world who use the platform can locate their clinical test partners in two clicks, whether for tolerance tests, efficacy on the skin, hair or integuments, sensory analysis or consumer tests.

“It's so easy to save time! The map is visible from the home page. And makes it possible to directly identify the subsidiaries of each laboratory; just click on the red pointer. It is just as easy to access the map of subsidiaries and the sheet of each laboratory and obtain all their contact details and the list of their tests, ” says the company.

After having selected one or more claims, cosmeticians can directly contact the testing laboratories by having checked them in the list of their results among 250 methods. Then, it suffices to send to each of the laboratories an automatic request for information. Skinobs does not take any commission on the matchmaking. Each laboratory responds directly.

Connection is free, and sending a specific question to support is possible.

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