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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Superga Beauty innovates with Gogreen

Superga Beauty, manufacturer, conditioner and supplier of promotional items for cosmetic brands, is stepping up its CSR approach via Gogreen, the first eco-design tool dedicated to the promotion and gift business.

This exclusive tool, created for Superga Beauty by the Quantis group, an expert in environmental strategy, makes it possible to assess the environmental impact of the products manufactured (kit, bag, accessory), right from the design stage.

“Actions that respect the environment are firmly anchored in our company policy. It is to answer our customers' questions and support them in their CSR approach with pragmatism and objectivity that we have developed Gogreen, ” explains Leslie Bréau-Meniger, CEO of Superga Beauty.

Offered to Superga Beauty customers since March, Gogreen is an additional commercial asset for brands concerned with all the CSR initiatives proposed and implemented by beauty suppliers.

To create Gogreen, the teams used data from Ecoinvent, this database used in more than 40 countries around the world. Chosen as a reference in most of the LCA tools (life cycle analysis), it constitutes an unassailable basis, an essential prerequisite in the process. On the other hand, all stages of the life cycle are counted, including end of life.

  • How to improve the carbon impact of our Gift campaigns?
  • How to know the weight of a change of material?
  • Is it better to favor cotton, jute?
  • What du PU?

A response adapted to the market

Concretely, Gogreen makes it possible to quantify the carbon impact and the water consumption of each manufacturing campaign, taking into account the entire life cycle of the product. More than 200 materials have been listed, as well as 40 transformation processes and 20 decoration processes.

“We can simulate the design and material options in order to assess their carbon impact. To improve the profile of a product, we can activate five different levers: material, closure, decoration, packaging and transport. This tool guides not only our developments but also our innovations. Our ambition is not to take the place of the customer but to clarify his choices, and enable him to measure progress, even to communicate it to consumers, ” explains Leslie Bréau-Meniger.    

An example of improving the environmental impact of a 100,000-piece campaign kit (see photo):
10 litres of water saved per kit, per change of material, the equivalent of 250 Olympic swimming pools
- -20% carbon impact, thanks to the removal of the eyen allequivalent of 70 A/R Paris New York
More responsible sourcing by the use of RPET which integrates plastic from recycling channels
Left: initial version; right: optimized version.


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