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TechnicoFlor explores a new playground: gastronomy

TechnicoFlor, supplies the biggest names in Perfumery, Cosmetics and Hygiene and its fragrances are used in many applications throughout the world: toilet waters, cosmetics, hygiene products, home care products, home fragrances...
Today, TechnicoFlor is exploring a new playground: gastronomy.
The house of perfume composition and the Marna Shelter Marseille Hotel propose to live a unique experience around a surprising lunch combining perfumed creations and culinary creations.
The idea? To illustrate the raw materials of perfumery by 2 starters, 2 dishes, 2 desserts, and to propose to the brands a multi-sensorial experience as well as a collection of perfumes resulting from this meeting.

Three Technicoflor perfumers, Jérémy Sabater, Marion Garcia Camaret and Félix Deschamps, worked on the subject for several weeks with the Marna Shelter Marseille chef, Loïc Sohnlen. A collaborative creation that was orchestrated in several stages: discovery of twenty raw materials used in perfumery by the chef of the Marna Shelter Marseille, then selection of six of them to integrate them into each dish of the lunch, and finally creation of perfumes from each of the dishes developed.

The result: a menu with very fragrant flavors:
Double play Duo of Cromesquis : Effilochee of beef with carrots & whisky, Sweet potato & star anise, served with a sauce based on aromatic herbs;
So close to the sea Beet Smoked Gravlax with black bread and radish pickles and a touch of citrus and pink berries;
Blue Gold Roasted cod, blue cheese crust, salsify purée, lavender emulsion, seasoned with shallots, white wine and thyme;
Lamb leather Lamb roast stuffed with smoked mushrooms, mashed potatoes and meat juice, seasoned with aromatic herbs, sazin and nutmeg;
Indian Summer Carpaccio of Persimmon with Jasmine syrup, Crumble and Mandarin;
Your perfect karma Gourmandise Tonka, Honey and Chocolate, Touch of Hazelnut.

Si Pres de la Mer Perfume and Gastronomy Breakfast TechnicoFlor Mama Shelter- Perfume - Product Info

And a collection of 6 new fragrances inspired by the dishes created:

  • Double play Citrus, floral and aromatic notes (star anise, carrot, vetiver) In order to illustrate olfactively the duo of cromesquis, I started with a woody accord of meat juice and sweet potato, to which I added the star ingredients of the dish : carrot and star anise. To create the whisky note, I created a wine lees, ginger and pink berry accord. For the sauce accompanying this entrée, I imagined an aromatic heart with parsley, coriander, mint and cloves. I also added a hint of natural vanilla because I could not sign a creation without my personal touch. "explains Marion Garcia
    Camaret about this perfume she created.
  • So close to the sea Aromatic, marine, pine notes (Cypress, Vetiver, Pink Berries). "
    With this dish as inspiration, I created a fragrance with powerful and salty notes. Like the chet I used the pink berry which blends perfectly with the bergamot. I used our cypress absolute (upcycledj to match the iconic coniferous world of the dish. I also exploited the toasted grain bread effect that speaks to us all. It is a fragrance with many facets and typicalities. "Jérémy Sabater explains about this perfume he created.
  • Blue Gold Lavender, marine and musky aromatic notes (Lavandin, Oakmoss, Musk). " For this dish I wanted to pay tribute to our beautiful region by making a marine accord, with notes of foam very iodized to recall the aquatic environment of fish that I softened with beautiful musks. And to recall the chef's lavender remulsion, I made a creamy milky accord in which I incorporated our lavandin absolute enfleurage which is absolutely magical. "continues Jérémy Sabater.
  • Lamb leather Woody, leathery, spicy notes (Cade, Patchouli, Cedar, Oud). " I worked a leathery/woody/smoky accord with Cade which brings smoky and leathery notes. I used Patchouli, cyprioi, oakmoss and myrrh to recall the mushroom. Virginian cedar to reinforce the woody accord, aromatics, coffee and cinnamon, spices, nutmeg and turmeric to sublimate this meat juice. For the meat note, I used sulfurol as well as oud wood and gaiac wood which also have smoky woody notes to blend in the composition. "Félix Deschamps explains about this perfume he created.
  • Indian Summer Floral, fruity, musky, peppery notes (Jasmine, Clementine, Khaki, Musk). " For this dessert, I worked an exotic fruity accord for the persimmon fruit which has a rather sweet taste. There is a Clementine start (upcycled) that can be found in a small piece of supreme on the dessert and peppers (pink berries/black pepperj that we discover in the chantilly. To illustrate the Jasmine syrup, I used absolute Jasmine (Fair Trade) combined with Maltyl Isobutyrate which gives the syrupy note. A vanilla note accompanied by a slight note of butter for the crumble effect. And an overdose of musk for maximum comfort. "Félix Deschamps continues.
  • Your perfect karma Gourmet notes (tonka bean, cocoa, hazelnut, honey). " To accompany this dessert, I started with a chocolate hazelnut accord. I added Tonka Bean and honey to coat the note and I wanted to add a touch of saffron and Osmanthus to make it more sophisticated. "concludes Marion Garcia Camaret.
    All this, presented to the perfume and cosmetics brands.
    At the end of the lunch, guests were able to vote for their favorite appetizers and dishes, "So close to the sea" and "Cuir d'Agneau", which will be on the menu at Mama Shelter Marseille in December and January. This innovative and much appreciated event illustrates how gastronomy and perfumery are two worlds where creativity is infinite.
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