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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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TechnicoFlor supports saffron cultivation in the heart of Paris

The TechnicoFlor composition house supports the Bien Élevées urban agriculture house project and is developing a collection of agreements around saffron as well as new antioxidant plant extracts for cosmetics.

The TechnicoFlor group supplies the biggest names in perfumery, cosmetics and hygiene. Its fragrances and plant extracts are used in many applications around the world: toilet waters, body and face treatments, shower gels, shampoos, hydroalcoholic gels, etc. For many years, the company has contributed to the economic, cultural, social and environmental dynamism of the territories where it operates. As a committed perfume composition house, it supports the inspiring initiative of

the Bien Élevées urban agriculture house: an eco-creative project to plant saffron and install beehives on the rooftops of Paris.

From the creation of new olfactory accords ...

Once again this year, TechnicoFlor is participating throughout the month of October in the life of one of Bien Élevées' urban saffron farms: from the planting of more than 1,500 saffron bulbs to the harvest and pruning of this Parisian red gold. , its teams have the pleasure of going behind the scenes of the production of this spice: a flower whose extremely complex olfactory signature reveals in turn its spicy, copper, woody, dry or even metallic notes.

A real source of inspiration for perfumers, this initiative oriented towards sustainable development and respect for biodiversity, has already made it possible to develop a collection of agreements around saffron.

“We share with the Du Bessey sisters the same passion for flowers and the desire to exercise our profession with respect and eco-conscience. Participating in the cultivation of saffron represents a real olfactory re-creation for our perfumers. This is the opportunity to experience the many facets of saffron, ” explains Caroline Catherine, Marketing & Evaluation manager at TechnicoFlor.

... to the development of new plant extracts

Saffron flowers, until then discarded after pruning, have a strong antioxidant property. TechnicoFlor offers them a second life by recycling them (upcycling), to manufacture plant extracts. Objective: to work with Bien Élevées and a partner brand to design a facial treatment with saffron flower extract. In the industrial phase, production of the pre-series should start in early November.

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