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Texen Mayet celebrates its 50th anniversary

Texen Mayet, one of the 5 French sites of the Texen group, spearheading the manufacture of mascaras, celebrated its 50th anniversary a few days ago. It was an opportunity to talk about history and to share the energy and pride of the employees for their company.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Texen Mayet site welcomed employees, their families and neighboring residents for a festive and commemorative day.
Initially based in Saint Lupicin (39), the "Établissements Mayet" were founded in 1910 by André Mayet, a farmer from the Jura. Between 1950 and 1970, the factory took advantage of the boom in injected thermoplastics for the automotive and industrial sectors.

From automotive to cosmetics
On April 1, 1970, a secondary establishment founded by Edouard Grandmottet was set up in Pierre de Bresse and the activity started with about ten employees.
In the 1980s, the manufacture of automobile parts gave way to "Made in France" cosmetics. The Pierre-de-Bresse site benefited from this. Later, as the economic situation deteriorated, of the 4 Mayet factories (St Lupicin, Dole, Pierre-de-Bresse, Meyzieu), only the one in Pierre-de-Bresse retained any potential. Edouard Grandmottet and his wife Jeanne Mayet bought it and founded a new company "Mayet Pierre-de-Bresse" in 1988. In 1996, the production of mascara starts with the arrival of the first injection-blowing machine. In 2001, the PSB Industries group bought the company, restructured it and made the necessary investments to keep the site competitive. In 2004, a new logistic and mechanical building completes the redevelopment of the main building.

In 2018, the "mascara 4.0" line was born. This integrated line, 100 % automated, mascaras to the company to take a new step towards industrial excellence.

Adapted to multi-format mascaras and different types of decorations, this line saves time thanks to its high output, secures varnished parts processed in a closed environment, reduces handling and transport and has a made in France footprint.
The Smart concept, developed by Texen, is the optimal solution to the CSR challenges of an agile industry. The modularity of the latest generation of Smart lines offers partner customers a responsible compromise between competitiveness, optimization of industrial surfaces, limitation of intermediate stocks and induced waste, and the use of high-solids varnishes.

Thinking about tomorrow together
Today, Texen Mayet is a major component of the group's innovation.
"For 50 years, Texen Mayet has been working for major cosmetics groups and has never stopped developing its processes to remain a key player in the profession. Thanks to its history and location, Texen Mayet is a driving force in the local economic fabric. We are committed to preserving this footprint, and strive daily to defend "made in France" by developing new markets and new expertise.
Industrial excellence and a strong commitment to the environment are among our main assets
"says Franck Perot, director of the Texen Mayet site.

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