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U'Cosmetics: 11th edition on the theme of "Cosmetofood"!

In 2020, U'Cosmetics invites us to discover, for its 11th anniversary, its new edition carried by the theme of "Cosmetofood: how food feeds cosmetic innovation? ".

Cosmetics have often been inspired by food in industrial techniques, in active ingredients and additives, in our senses and in our daily lives. The origin of this theme expresses the fact that the ingestion of certain foods makes you more beautiful / more beautiful. Here, it comes down rather to exploiting the qualities of food (hydration, anti-oxidation) by using them in cosmetic products. It will therefore be necessary to recall the regulatory framework of Cosmetofood: it is not a question here of ingestion but of concepts from food, transposable to cosmetics. Food is a large universe and cosmetic innovation draws on it to create the trends and novelties of tomorrow.

U'cosmetics: two events in one day

The U'Cosmetics 2020 professional conference will focus on Cosmetofood. There will be six presentations and will be led by professionals. This conference will allow you to discover all the facets of food applied to cosmetics. Different themes will be discussed: how Cosmetofood is innovative, and the limits of Cosmetofood on the regulatory level, with examples of applications at the level of raw materials and finished products, packaging and process inspirations, etc.

The U'Cosmetics competition is the one and only student competition for cosmetic formulation and innovation in France. Any student in the field of cosmetics from Bac + 3 to Bac + 5 can participate. In 2020, teams of 1 to 5 students will have to innovate on the theme of Cosmetofood. The competition is also open to students concerned with marketing, design or even art. Collaborations between students competent in cosmetic innovation and other experts in design or art are then possible and welcome.

On March 19, 2020, the 10 selected teams will present their project to the jury, professionals and students present. The teams having proposed the most innovative projects will be rewarded with four prizes:

The price innovation formulation
The innovative concept prize
- The Philippe Collas special prize
- The jury's favorite prize

The key dates of the competition are as follows:

- November 22, 2019: receipt of declarations of commitment (individual) + receipt of the final registration form (group),
- January 30, 2020: receipt of technical files + summary sheet + samples for pre-selection (see appendix 1 of the regulations),
- Beginning of February 2020: pre-jury and selection of the 10 finalist teams,
- March 5, 2020: deadline for receipt of presentation slideshows,
- March 19, 2020: professional conference and final of the student competition.

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