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Monday, November 28, 2022
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A new scanner for the detection of contaminants

The new Dylight S X-ray scanner has been developed by Dylog for the detection of contaminants that can enter rigid, prepackaged or bulk agrifood, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Distributed in France by HTDS, this new inspection unit is perfect for checking bricks, metal or paper boxes and plastic bottles. In addition, the new Dylight S RX scanner will also be able to check thermoformed plastic trays, cardboard cases, bags, etc.

A compact and innovative design

The special feature of the Dylight S RX scanner is that it can be easily installed on existing straight conveyors, with a simple and fast alignment procedure thanks to the new numbered reference line system.

Featuring an innovative and compact design, the Dylight S RX scanner offers easy access and replacement of all major components, as well as all of its internal surfaces are accessible and washable.

"With the new RX Dylight S, HTDS thus provides its customers with an entry-level, affordable and high-performance plug and play inspection solution that benefits from all the essential technical solutions for unparalleled performance ," says t -on within the company.

The compact and innovative design of the Dylight S RX scanner allows it to meet the increasingly stringent standards imposed by food companies. 

The unique hardware architecture of the Dylight S RX scanner is combined with a new powerful and intuitive software interface that combines ease of use with a comprehensive set of functions.

The Dylog contaminant detection software ensures a high level of performance thanks to the new filtering technology. Parallel image processing provides clear, high contrast visuals even at high speed, and without noise.

Thus, the Dylight S RX scanner offers non-destructive analysis which, without altering the chemical composition or the organoleptic properties of products, detects the contaminants they contain while verifying their integrity and compliance, whatever the type of product. conditioning. Each contaminant with a density greater than that of the products inspected can be identified (metals, glass, highly calcified bones, stones, shells, ceramics, PVC, Viton).

From a technical point of view, the air cooling system built into the RX Dylight S scanner allows the machine to operate in a wide temperature range, without the need for an external water cooling system normally used with more powerful equipment.

The machine can be controlled remotely and has a 5-level password security system to track the activity of each operator. Production and usage data is stored redundantly to provide a very high level of security, while data accessibility is provided by easy-to-read automatic reports.

Finally, it should be noted that the entire system is compatible with the strictest control protocols.


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