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Monday February 6th, 2023
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Yves Rocher entrusts his Christmas huts to the Verpack group

Yves Rocher celebrates the magic of Christmas with exclusive collections full of poetry. The Verpack group has developed these hut-shaped cases, requiring a great technical mastery and an expected eco-design work.

Winter apple and midnight berries are two models of cabins each containing a range of four products for care and bathing, staged in the hollow of a simple, technical case and low in raw material.

Cardboard or nothing

The challenge was to build an easy-to-assemble case with cardboard stalls that would ensure the products were kept in perfect support. The brand wants to ensure visibility to its products, Verpack has created a good size window in front of the case and managed to minimize the amount of cardboard from the interior stalls. The chosen map (300g) comes from sustainably managed forests and the single-material case is 100% recyclable. Yves Rocher claims exclusively French production for this collection.

Winning technology

Verpack has obtained the conical shape of the roof thanks to one of its latest machines, capable of making a skewed collage. This 100% automatic operation represents a real added value both aesthetic and economic. The case is offset printed and decorated in hot gold marking, cut and pasted on the same site.

The cases are delivered flat.

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