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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Agrimer lance AlgaGreen Beauty

Agrimer, a specialist in the development of marine resources for more than 20 years, favours short circuits by integrating the entire seaweed recovery chain: from harvesting in the immediate vicinity of its production site to finished products.

The harvest is carried out in order to preserve the resource, respect the breeding cycles of algae and the establishment of fallow areas. It is adapted by species: cutting, sickle, manual picking or boating on the high seas. Its schoomakers use artisanal harvesting techniques and continue the tradition specific to the Breton origins of the company.

With AlgaGreen Beauty, Agrimer offers "an eco-friendly offer with natural and authentic formulas." This new line of cosmetics, algae and organic marine plants is certified Cosmos. Agrimer uses the principles of green chemistry with natural raw materials, processed without solvent, respecting the resource.

With an innovation in marine technologies, the range incorporates original galenics signed Agrimer such as make-up remover granite, scrub wax, etc.

The formulation is made from carefully selected raw materials and in accordance with the Cosmos specifications.

The harvest of organic algae is done on areas identified for their consistency of quality and purity, on the site of the "Iroise Sea" in Brittany. Classified by Unesco since 1988 in the reserve category of the biosphere, the "Iroise Sea" is the first marine park in France.

A rich organic range for the face and body

According to the company, Agrimer's seaweed, which concentrates marine benefits, delivers all the minerals and trace elements essential to the balance and beauty of the skin.

The AlgaGreen Beauty range is composed of 13 face and body references: from make-up removers to facials, from scrubs to body nutrition with modeling products. 100% active and natural, it is enriched with extracts of organic algae harvested in Brittany:
The organic Chondrus crispus is known to strengthen cohesion and cellular protection.
Organic Laminaria digitata selected for its moisturizing and regenerating properties.
Ulva lactuca organic, an algae known for its firming, remineralizing and energizing properties.

The water of Criste marine, a perennial plant growing by the sea, completes this complex of marine assets. According to Agrimer, "Marine Criste energizes cellular exchanges and protects the skin from environmental aggression."

A complete range of eco-friendly packaging

For its full service offering, Agrimer offers environmentally friendly recycled plastic packaging and wood caps, "a solution that is certainly more expensive, but consistent with ecological and natural positioning. Limiting the impact on nature, imagining clean textures: a know-how now signed Agrimer, it is stressed within the company.

The launch of the range (customizable on demand) is planned to premiere at the Luxe Pack show at the end of September. The offer will then be extended in 2020 with masks, creams, etc.

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