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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Essentia Beauty: a place for innovation!

The era is more than ever turned towards the concept of “Clean” integrating the security of the formulas, the transparency and the preservation of the environment. The latest surveys prove it, a vast majority of consumers would opt for new solutions that are more ecological in terms of packaging and more “clean” in terms of formulas. Founded by Katia De Martino, Essentia Beauty - which for more than 20 years has been offering “turnkey” solutions in the field of “Beauty” formulation and packaging - will present at MakeUp in New York, on September 11 and 12, several novelties in this field including its “On the Go” palette concept.

“At Essentia Beauty we are working on differentiating concepts that provide real added value for the end customer,” insists Katia De Martino, CEO. In general, we focus on innovation and integrate eco-design by working on two axes: bio-sourced materials and especially the re-fill and re-use systems which seem to us to be the solutions to this day. the most immediately adapted in a logic of saving plastic consumption.

This is the case of the “On the Go” palette which reinvents the design of the palette and which is the subject of several patents. A concept available in different designs and functionalities and that Essentia Beauty offers in a refill version with an “eco-friendly” approach and customizable by a consumer who can thus adapt it according to his desires. MakeUp in New York will be an opportunity for Essentia Beauty to present it with other re-fill concepts for foundation, lipstick and other palettes ...

Finally, in terms of formulation, the company will offer natural and organic “ready to go” lines certified Cosmos. “We are also working on the“ Clean Beauty ”axis, taking into account the real expectation of transparency from consumers and in particular from“ millennials ”, underlines Katia De Martino. In this area, it is a question of optimizing the performance and safety of products while favoring a packaging approach without pretense ”.

Beauty tech: Essentia's competitive advantage

“The principles of marketing have always put the customer at the center, but in practice, for companies and especially large ones, it is not always easy,” explains Katia De Martino. Our mission is therefore to bring innovation by being focused on the real expectations of the consumer, hence our new identity “Essentia Beauty Concept provider”. ”

It is in this logic of action that Essentia Beauty has invested in digital technologies of facial recognition, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. “We are the first full service company to offer the development of cosmetic lines combined with the creation of a personalized digital application. We believe, in fact, that the future of beauty will be more and more technological to meet the expectations of consumers who want products adapted to their specific needs and personalized services ”, underlines the manager.

Creativity: the “Allmazing” asset!

Convinced that involving the consumer in the development process is a desirable approach, Essentia Beauty has also launched Allmazing, an internet platform whose main vocation is the organization of creative competitions in the field of design, beauty and fashion. . Allmazing represents a creative lever for Essentia Beauty but is also open to brands that wish to explore the potential of creative crowdsourcing. After a little over a year of activity, Allmazing brings together a community of 20,000 followers on Facebook and 4,000 on Instagram, all passionate about creation.

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