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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Texen develops guerlain's first compact meteorite case

After the immense success of these multicolored powder beads, Guerlain captureslight with a new illuminating product: the Pearl Dust Palette,consisting of three compact shades inserted into a new caseemblematic. Texen joins this launch with ultra-premium development

With its Meteorites created in 1987, Guerlain, "architect of light"transformed the free powder into these multicolored beads, each year re-staged.

The Pearl Dust Palette promises a bespoke shine thanks to its three shades of illuminators,mix or apply separately to finger or brush on facial highlights.

In eyeshadow they illuminate the look, in blush, they bring a pearly finishslightly colorful.

Texen renews its collaboration with Guerlain

Each piece of this case has been the subject of an extreme requirement shared with the brand.Meteorites Pearl Dust Palette is composed of a base, an insert and a hood all threeinjected into ABS and then metallic shiny silver. The decoration of the hood is treated in a pass ofpink screen printing.

The insert intended to receive the powder has been the subject of a specific process to makeGuerlain's G and the letters Meteorites.

The glass mirror and powder are protected by a PET film printed with the logo in onecolor.

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