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Better conversion rates thanks to artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies

Between 2022 and 2023, around a third of consumers (31.3% ) said they had purchased at least one cosmetic product online. Given the popularity of online purchases, the novelty and use of new technologies represent an attraction that players in the cosmetics world can capitalize on.

In a bid to improve its customers' online shopping experience, Nars Cosmetics, a French company specializing in cosmetics and skincare, has decided to capitalize on virtual trials based on artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR); technologies that can accurately and realistically reproduce the results obtained when applying make-up products. " Even as our in-store and online sales continued to grow, we knew it was essential to add AI/RA virtual trial experiences."says Kristy Peschko, Executive Director of Global Omni Channel Marketing, CRM & Loyalty at Nars Cosmetics, 

Since 2019, Nars has been using AI and AR technologies from AI and AR solutions provider Perfect Corp. to offer virtual trial experiences on 700 of its products. Continuing this collaboration, the company has integrated Perfect Corp. technology into its Nars Matchmaker solution, a virtual shade finder. This online simulator helps consumers choose the right shade to match their skin tone, with realistic textures comparable to the results of a professional make-up artist. "Consumers turn to Nars when they're looking for something new, for the best beauty products and technologies. Offering them such realistic virtual trials enables them to see exactly how the products will fit them. So they feel confident when they press the "buy" button".says Kristy Peschko.

Perfect Corp. technologies are also used by Nars as part of its online store, to enable customers to discover products in greater detail and learn more about their ingredients. 

From a results point of view, after launching the Matchmaker virtual Shade Finder tool, Nars teams claim to have observed a 300 % increase in conversions, testifying to consumer interest in the realism of the virtual trial. 

"Consumers see exactly how a foundation or lipstick looks on their face. This makes them want to buy, and reinforces their decision.says Kristy Peschko. According to Nars, the virtual trial gives consumers confidence in their purchases, hence the 10% growth in average basket size for foundation and other make-up purchases.

Kristy Peschko reports that consumers looking for lip products try out an average of 27 colors thanks to the virtual trial. They have the opportunity to be immersed and discover more products than they would in-store, while benefiting from the realism offered by technology.

"Perfect Corp. comes up with ideas we hadn't even considered yet.explains Kristy Peschko. They precede trends and make many things possible, enabling us to stay one step ahead of digital innovations and keep moving forward while evolving the experiences we offer consumers around the world."

"We are delighted with this collaboration with Nars, which illustrates our commitment to offering an immersive and precise customer experience. Together, we are redefining the online beauty experience, combining innovation and customer satisfaction in a constantly evolving market, and enabling Nars to detect and pre-empt trends."says Sylvain Duteil, VP Business Development Europe at Perfect Corp.

Visual taken from the Perfect Corp website.

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